A moment of clarity

In a moment of clarity, I deleted the multiple Word Documents filled with half-finished writing. I understand my purpose now. At least, partly. I feel better than I have in a year. I see that there is enough time ahead of me. That, I don’t have to live so quickly. I can learn the graphic … Continue reading A moment of clarity

Another Day

Many times I wake up and I don’t want to breathe. But I do, in and out. And then I want to go back to sleep again but can’t. These days I can never sleep. There is nothing on my mind but thoughts of getting my life right, and of falling out of the funk … Continue reading Another Day

Bird Watching

I watched as two birds perched on my neighbour’s green roof. The considerable space they left between themselves reminded me of the gap that had grown between myself and the people I love. Somehow, like the birds we had flown together. The time to land came and although we were stationed in the same place, … Continue reading Bird Watching