Loving Is Losing

What is in a name; in a man?
That makes you forget everything?

Why does he rule your thoughts?
Sweeping out the empowering words
and quotes on self sufficiency
That you took to memory
over these months

What is in his love,
That makes you ignore the past?
Forgetting that in an instant
You could be back to the beginning
struggling to love your self, once more

Why does he get to ruin the hard work that we have put in?

Us – the tears on your pillow when he says goodbye again
The voices that calm you at night
Your heart, steeled and firm from aching

But, we are still here for you
Hoping that history’s moments
do not reoccur

“When falling in love, do not lose yourself”

9 thoughts on “Loving Is Losing

  1. Love can be all consuming and I guess there always has to a proverbial gauge on it.
    Thanks for sharing Mayowa and Congratulations! I’ve nominated you for the Vincent Ehindero Award, you can see this from my last post.

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  2. Truly remarkable work as always. I like the either or dynamic about how love requires a surrender that often times comes at a cost. So while it can be so beautiful and glorious it can be so gruesome and draining. Thank you for shedding light on both sides because I think in the midst of one we often forget the other

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  3. This? Relatable. Sometimes, we’re so focused on loving a person that we lose ourselves in the process and forget to love ourselves too.
    When that person leaves, it’s almost like starting again and it’s often not easy because we’ve probably forgotten what it was like before that person. Honestly, it’s sad.
    Thank you for reminding us that as much as we love a person, we shouldn’t lose ourselves too.

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