In Times Of Distress

I am immensely strong
And at times the strength
wanes, only showing weakness
But it is still strength

I am exceptionally beautiful
Yet on strange days,
this beauty fades
into a mirror of
comparisons and doubt

Sometimes, I can feel
my body holding space
The touch of my skin
The days I have left
I can feel life itself inside me

In a park alone,
a flock of birds surround me
My mind translates their cries
as songs
They are telling me that they love me
I whisper back,
I love you too

Suddenly, rain begins pouring down
Dropping onto my freshly-slicked hair
Why now?
Why can’t this perfect moment
stay as it is!

In their coos, the birds sing:
This is not a curse
God is blessing you
Sending you gifts from His kingdom

My understanding of perfection
only exists in comparison to
all I have seen which opposes it

6 thoughts on “In Times Of Distress

  1. Very beautiful writing as always. I love how you changed the structure of the poem halfway through, it fit the tone very well and effortlessly too.

    Liked by 1 person

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