2022: My Year In Review

2022 is quickly drawing to an end, and I can’t help but think about how it doubly feels like the shortest and longest year of my life. In the beginning of this year, I projected that it would be a ‘magical’ one. This was borne from my bad habit of romanticising my life. I turn my memories into well-edited video montages and view my future through an idealised lens of possibilities. It helps a little, to counteract how monotonous life can get. However, most times, this trait that I developed in my early teens, makes me expect perfection and create unrealistic standards for myself and others. This year, I experienced the negative impact of this habit on the relationships and friendships that I intended to build. 

In a bid to be intentional about going out more and establishing relationships, I resolved to attend more events and forced myself to talk to strangers. I was disappointed that with all the effort I put in; following up with new people, asking them to meet up and tirelessly checking in, that I did not come out of the end of the year with more tight-knit friendships. I have met amazing people this year, but I’m still on the hunt for my close-knit group of friends, my ‘tribe’. 

On a positive note, one of the highlights of my year, has been my job. Working in a social media job had been a dream of mine for so long and I’m grateful that I have come into this industry. I started off in my company as an intern and have now been retained as a permanent staff member. My first year in my ‘big girl job’ was filled with lessons: I learned how to handle people’s peculiarities, and how to stay calm in stressful situations. I learnt that things like writing and editing that I regarded as effortless skills were highly valuable to others. I had done this on my own for so long – managing social media pages and creating content from my room. The transition to a role on a team with wonderful and talented people working together on a brand has been invigorating. What an invigorating ride its been, so far.

 Another goal of mine this year was to attend creative events and visit artistic spaces. I’m glad to say that I have done a lot of this in the past months. I’ve met people I followed and admired online, in person. I got to see them in their element and my respect and admiration for them grew the more. Being in spaces like art exhibitions and literary festivals is validating. To get to rub minds with like-minded people and be reminded that my writing, the thing I do alone in a crowded room, can one day be read and performed on stages, reaching the hearts of many is an incomporable feeling. This year reminded me of the privilege that I have, that I’ve been gifted with an artistic spirit. I can not imagine my world without it. I thrived in creative community this year, and I look forward to building on this even more in 2023.

I wanted to find God this year. In the way that I was taught, growing up in a religious family, I anticipated that I would find Him through studying the Bible. Or going to church, and engaging in prayer and worship. Instead, I found Him in people. People who showed me love, without expecting anything in return. People who surprised me with their selflessness, their care and their compassion. God came down to meet me on earth, this year. And I almost missed it, because He came in a way I would never have expected.

However, 2022 wasn’t all wins for me. I am dissatisfied with with how little I wrote and published my writing this year. I had many valid excuses for not putting my head down, and placing my words on paper. Situations like my job, ill health, and just the general busyness of life, restricted me from writing more. It’s not that I didn’t write at all – I scribbled short paragraphs on napkins, and put down some heartfelt words that found a home in my Notes app. But I did not do enough of pulling these miscellaneous scraps of thoughts together, and transforming them into something tangible. I look at my blog with one eye closed, ashamed that my last post on it was from so many months ago. My hope is that in 2023, I will write and publish more. 

I will be turning twenty-three next year and strangely, I feel ancient. At sixteen, I had projected that I would have published my first novel by now. It does grip me, sometimes. The reality that my life is speeding on and that the arbitrary milestones I set for my adult life are passing me by. In those moments, my mind buzzes with fear and anxiety that I am wasting my life away. But I know that those goals are not meant to be static, that I can rewrite them, make new timelines and goals to accommodate the busyness and complications of my life. 

I hope that I can do more in 2023. What exactly the ‘more’ is, I don’t really know. What I am sure of is that I will focus more on living in the moment, creating memories for my future self to joyfully look back on, and making strides in my professional life. I hope that I will be bolder, more stable, happier and more patient with myself come 2023. I would describe this past year as a beautifully turbulent one. It has been a year that I have learnt so much, survived major setbacks which in turn, helped me to grow as a person. In all, it is one that I am leaving with pride and contentment with myself.

Here’s to a new year, I hope that it’s one like never before.


7 thoughts on “2022: My Year In Review

  1. You are very eloquent and you have a way with words. You write beautifully Mayowa❤️ Thank you for sharing this.


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