In Times Of Distress

I am immensely strong And at times the strength wanes, only showing weakness But it is still strength I am exceptionally beautiful Yet on strange days, this beauty fades into a mirror of comparisons and doubt Sometimes, I can feel my body holding space The touch of my skin The days I have left I … Continue reading In Times Of Distress

Loving Is Losing

What is in a name; in a man?That makes you forget everything? Why does he rule your thoughts?Sweeping out the empowering wordsand quotes on self sufficiencyThat you took to memoryover these monthsWhat is in his love,That makes you ignore the past?Forgetting that in an instantYou could be back to the beginningstruggling to love your self, … Continue reading Loving Is Losing


We are too used to promises here Too comfortable with sweet words of "next year" With conditions Like "if you vote for us" And applause, accolades for nothing Cutting ribbons, commissioning buildings Press conferences, grammar on grammar Sentences that really mean nothing Nigeria, we hail thee for thy incompetence I am spent with crying out … Continue reading Nigeria.